Since 2006, Resom has been teaching a range of DJing courses in various settings and cities, such as Bremen, Leipzig, Murmansk and Potsdam. Her focus is definitely vinyl, but no longer exclusively so. She also plays a lot of dance and reflective music and runs her own cultural agency, Option Music. Through Option Music, she aims to place less emphasis on industry standards and focus more on sustaining music across its diverse forms.







Originally from Australia, Jane Arnison now calls Berlin home. Her main project is her band Evvol, whose album was released on !K7 Records. She also works as a house/techno producer and DJ under the moniker Jon Dark. In addition to her own creative projects, Jane works with many local and international artists as producer, recording and mixing engineer, composer and arranger, and mastering engineer.

Her teaching career spans almost 15 years and covers everything from individual instrument lessons (guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals), songwriting, composition, performance preparation, studio engineering, mixing, mastering, composition and arrangement, digital production, and software products. A general love of the sonic arts keeps her enthusiastic and excited about every aspect of music and sound.




Maya Consuelo Sternel is a musician, DJ, trained sound engineer and the first ever female certified Ableton Live trainer. Following her degree in audio engineering, she worked as an assistant engineer for Unique Records on Times Square. After completing a masters in systematic musicology and american studies, she relocated to Berlin and founded UPSTART Online Music Education.
She releases records and CDs under her stage name, Donna Maya, and scores music for film, including Fatih Akin’s ‘Short and Painless’. She has composed turntable concerts for chamber philharmonia and DJs. Her multifaceted, bass productions have been released on a range of international labels. She lectures in music production at universities, schools and diverse, cultural institutions and is a regular contributor to ‘Beat’ magazine. She has published a book, ‘Beat Programming’, through quickstart.




Ena Lind is a house DJ. Her preference is for vinyl but, thanks to her many years of experience, she is also adept at CDJing i.e. playing via CD and USB. She has been sharing her wide-ranging knowledge, through DJing workshops in Berlin and internationally, since 2010. Since 2014, she has also been active as a producer. Her first single, ‘Ferdinand’ was released by Reveller Records. Her EP “The wisdom to know the difference” came out in fall 2016 on Twirl Rec.

Ena is the co-founder of the Mint Berlin network and the Mint Campus series of workshops.